Select MM Control → Alerts to manage the process of notifying remote users about specified events in the BladeCenter system.

Graphic illustrating the management module alerts configuration page.

Use MM Control → Alerts page to perform the following tasks:

Select Remote Alert Recipients to view a list of all users who must be notified about system events. Click a user name to display a secondary page where you can specify which event notifications are sent, how they are sent (SNMP, e-mail, or IBM Director), where they are sent (e-mail address), and whether the recipient currently is allowed to receive notifications. Click Generate Test Alert to make sure that the remote alert recipients will receive the alerts.

Select Global Remote Alert Settings to specify how many times the system attempts to send an alert, how long a delay is observed between retries, and whether to include the event log with the notification.

Graphic illustrating the global remote alerts page.

Select Monitored Alerts to specify which events (from lists of critical, warning, and system alerts) are monitored, and other alert parameters. The specific alerts that you select apply to all configured alert recipients. If the alert is recoverable, an informational alert is sent in the same category to indicate that a recovery has occurred.

The following illustration shows a Monitored Alerts page.

Graphic illustrating the monitored alerts page for management modules other than the advanced management module.

The following table shows how the legacy and enhanced alert categories map to each other.

Table 1. Legacy and enhanced alert categories
Legacy alert categories Enhanced alert categories
Temperature Blade servers, I/O modules, and chassis/systems management, as applicable
Voltage Blade servers, I/O modules, and chassis/systems management, as applicable
Hard disk drive Blade servers
VRM failure Blade servers
Multiple chassis cooling device failure (blower) Cooling devices
Single chassis cooling device failure (blower) Cooling devices
Power failure Power modules
Power on Power on/off
Power off Power on/off
Multiple I/O module failures I/O modules
Invalid configuration I/O modules
KVM/media tray switching failure Chassis/systems management
Blade throttle Chassis/systems management
Power management Chassis/systems management
Event log 100% full Event log
Event log 75% full Event log
PFA Moved to applicable warning
Redundant module failure Moved to applicable warning
Inventory Inventory change
Remote login User activity
Network change Network change