help command

This command displays a list of all commands that are available in the command-line interface with a brief description of each command.

You can also issue the help command by typing ?. Adding a -h, -help, or ? option to a command displays syntax help for the command.

Table 1. help command
Function What it does Command Valid targets
Help Displays a list of commands and a brief description of each command. help Any installed device.
? Any installed device.
Example: To display a list of commands, while the management module in bay 1 is set as the default command target, at the system:mm[1]> prompt, type

The following example shows the information that is returned:

               system> help
           ?- Display commands
alertentries- View/edit remote alert recipients
        boot- Boot target
       clear- Clear the config
    clearlog- Clear the event log
       clock- View/edit date, time, GMT offset, and dst setting
      config- View/edit general settings
     console- Start SOL session to a blade
    dhcpinfo- View DHCP server assigned settings
  displaylog- Display log entries
         dns- View/edit DNS config
         env- Set persistent command target
        exit- Log off
       fuelg- Power management
      health- View system health status
        help- Display command list
     history- Display command history
    identify- Control target location LED
    ifconfig- View/edit network interface config
        info- Display identity and config of target
         kvm- Controls the kvm owner
        list- Display installed targets
          mt- Controls the media tray owner
       power- Control target power
       reset- Reset target
    shutdown- Shutdown target
         slp- View/edit SLP parameters
        smtp- View/edit SMTP config
        snmp- View/edit SNMP config
         sol- View SOL status and view/edit SOL config
  tcpcmdmode- View/edit TCP command mode config
   telnetcfg- View/edit telnet config
      update- Update firmware from TFTP server
      uplink- View/edit failover on network uplink loss config
       users- View/edit user login profiles

Type "<command> -h" for individual command syntax help.
        [ ] is used for indexing (by bay number)
        < > denotes a variable
        { } denotes optional arguments
         |  denotes choice

To obtain help about the env command, type one of the following commands: