history command

This command displays the last eight commands that were entered, allowing the user to choose and re-enter one of these commands.

You choose the command to re-enter from the displayed list by typing an exclamation point (!) followed immediately by the numeric designation the command is assigned in the list. You can also recall one of the past eight previously entered commands using the up-arrow and down-arrow keys.

Table 1. history command
Function What it does Command Valid targets
Command history Displays the last eight commands that were entered. history Any installed device.
Re-enter previous command using numeric designation Re-enters a numerically-specified command from the command history. ! x

where x is the number of the command (0 - 7) to re-enter from the command history list.

Any installed device.
Example: To display a list of the last eight commands entered, while management module 1 is set as the default command target, at the system:mm[1]> prompt, type
To re-enter the command designated by "2" in the command history, type

The following example shows the information that is returned from these two commands:

               system:mm[1]> history
 0 dns
 1 dns -on
 2 dns
 3 dns -i1
 4 dns
 5 dns -i1 -on
 6 dns
 7 history
system:mm[1]> !2