Establishing a serial connection

After connecting a serial cable from the advanced management module to the client computer, complete the following steps:

  1. Open a terminal session on the client computer, and make sure that the serial port settings for the client computer match the settings for the serial port on the advanced management module. The default advanced management-module serial port settings are as follows:
    • Baud rate: 57600
    • Parity: no parity
    • Stop bits: 1
  2. At the login prompt, type the management-module user ID. At the password prompt, type the management-module password. The user ID and password are case sensitive and are the same as those that are used for management-module Web access. The default management-module user name is USERID and the default password is PASSW0RD (note the number zero, not the letter O, in PASSW0RD).
The CLI command prompt is displayed. You can now enter commands for the management module.