Starting the BladeCenter management-module Web interface

Note: The sample screens that appear in this document might differ slightly from the screens displayed by your system. Screen content varies based on the type of BladeCenter® unit that you are using and the firmware versions and options that are installed.

The management-module Web interface is used to perform SOL configuration. The management-module Web interface supports only configuration and monitoring of the command-line interface and SOL and cannot be used to start command-line interface or SOL sessions.

Complete the following steps to start the BladeCenter management-module Web interface:
  1. Open a Web browser. In the address or URL field, type the IP address or host name that is assigned for the management-module remote connection.

    The Enter Network Password window opens.

  2. Type your user name and password. If you are logging in to the management module for the first time, you can obtain your user name and password from your system administrator. All login attempts are documented in the event log.

    The initial user ID and password for the management module are:

    • User ID: USERID (all capital letters)
    • Password: PASSW0RD (note the zero, not O, in PASSW0RD)
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen. Be sure to set the timeout value that you want for your Web session.

The BladeCenter management-module Web interface window opens.

Graphic illustrating the advanced management-module Web-interface page.